Drip Bag Box

Drip Bag Box


Introducing ‘The Resident’ Drip Coffee Bags - incredible filter coffee brewed in the time it takes to make an instant.

Coffee component insist of two Brazilian farms in Serra Negra & Mogiana. These two lots brings perfect harmony of a chocolate, sweet and rich flavour which is perfect with our without milk.

Enjoy at home, in the office, on an airplane or away camping. All you’ll need is a mug, some boiling water and a drip bag and you’ll be sipping on some fine filter coffee in no time. 

How to drip:
1: Rip the bag 
2: Fold out the handles and slip over the edges of your cup
3: Slowly pour over 200ml of hot water (95C)
4: Dispose of the drip bag and enjoy your brew <3

Each box contains 10x Drip Coffee Bags 

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