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Rwanda Laurence Mukakabera

Rwanda Laurence Mukakabera

Red Bourbon | Washed | Light Roast

Liquorice, Cherry, Apricot Jam

It is very rare to get a coffee traceable back to a single producer in Rwanda, so we feel extremely fortunate to be able to share this unique lot from Laurence Mukakabera’s farm Kinyonzo-Gihura.

Single producer micro-lots like this one are difficult to access, especially from such a small producer (Laurence owns 480 trees). One of the reasons this lot separation is possible is that Laurence is a member of the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative, who operate their own dry mill, where they can process smaller lots individually, whilst minimising cost and maintaining excellent quality standards.

We love this coffee because of its distinct Rwandan characteristics, super sweet, syrupy and floral. 

BREW TIPS: We found this coffee requires a longer brew time, so if your standard desired brew time is around 2:30, we recommend pushing it to 3:00.

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