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Colombia Small Producers of Buesaco

Colombia Small Producers of Buesaco

Caturra | Washed | Narino Region

Purple Grapes, Mandarin, Brown Sugar 

We have roasted this coffee two ways (light & medium) so all can brew this incredible coffee in their desired method.

We suggest the light roast for filter and medium roast for espresso based beverage.

This coffee is 100% Caturra Varietal which is one of our personal favourite varietal for its distinct sweetness, acidity and texture.

This coffee was produced by six smallholder farmers from the area around the town of Buesaco in Eastern Nariño, Colombia. The contributing producers, like most in the region, own very small farms – averaging just 1.5 hectares in size – across an elevation of 1,800 – 2,200m above sea level. Surrounded by incredible native vegetation, the town of Buesaco is a stunning example of Nariño’s astonishing landscape.


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